Following the successful first ride in May, Euston Park Endurance sponsored by Emirates Airline is ready to go again this weekend. We’ve introduced an additional CEI 1* 80km for Saturday 17th, and have a total of 71 entries in all classes entries over the weekend from 11 nations including Argentina, Spain, Belgium and Hong Kong. Great Britain is well represented, fielding 18 riders, 12 of whom are in the CEI 1*.

In the CEI 1* classes, with the full support of EGB, we are introducing an optional staggered start (alongside the regular mass start.) Riders must start within an hour of the mass start and need to pass through the departure gate, thus triggering their personal timing. We hope this helps more novice riders and young horses to deal with an FEI level entry competition and we’ll be reviewing riders’ and officials’ feedback in assessing its success.

We have reversed the Pink loop for this ride. This gives riders a different perspective of the course, keeps it interesting for them and the horse and has been very well received.

We are issuing trackers to riders in the CEI 3* 160km, these trackers also feature an SOS button that can be used in the case of a problem. We hope to scale this up to include other classes at the next rides.

We trialed the Good Horsemanship Award as part of the EGB British Protocol at the last ride in May and will be doing so again for this ride, now to be known as the ‘Leading Rider Award’. It is a way of rewarding what EGB defines as ‘clever’ riding: covering terrain competitively, but within the horse’s means. The award gives points based on criteria judged throughout the competition and takes into account the recovery time of the horse, the CRI and consistency of speed. It’s an evolving process and EGB welcome feedback and input on it. 

Finally, and rather excitingly, the rides will be streamed live on Facebook, so you can catch all the action. Looking at the weather forecast we’d suggest you do that somewhere shady with a long cool drink!