2 SEPTEMBER, Suffolk: The final Euston Park Endurance Ride, sponsored by Longines, and the fifth in a highly successful season, took place in perfect conditions in Suffolk today. CEI2* 120Km, CEIYJ2* 120Km ,CEI1* 80Km rides were held on the Euston Park Estate and surrounding estates.  Even though this was the last ride of the season, British riders were very well represented making up close to 50% of all competitors.

Today, ride veterinarians confirmed that all horses came home safely, with a 65% completion rate, Jennie Henderson, Treating Veterinary President said “ We had a safe and successful day with nothing to do whatsoever in the treatment hospital.  Everyone looked after themselves very well – a really nice end to the season.”

The winners of the three classes were:

CEI1* 80km – Ahmed AZEALDEIN (UAE) riding Morro in a total ride time of 04:08:24 (average speed of 19.32kph)

CEI2* 120km – Rashed Theyab Ghanim AL MAZROOEI (UAE) riding Athos du Nouvion in a total ride time of 06:33:14 (average speed 18.31kph)

CEIJYR2* 120km – Saeed Salem Atiq Khamis ALMUHAIRI (UAE) riding Bullio Solute in a total ride time of 06:18:57 (average speed 19.00kph)

Mohammed Ahmad Ali Al Subose, trainer of M7 Endurance Stables who won the CEI 2* ride with Athos du Nouvion said “The horses all run very happily at Euston Park, what is special about this venue is that the ground is amazing, the weather has been good all summer to run the horses, this is one of the best tracks in Europe.”

In order to maximize horse welfare and responsible riding, the prize fund was, as always, awarded based on FEI’s Best Condition Awards [Article 822] and up to a maximum of five riders.

The top Prize Winners of the Best Condition Award in each class were:

CEI1* 80km – HS JAMAL ridden by Lauren Mills (GBR)

CEI2* 120km – TEMPORADA ridden by Humaid Matar Rashed AL MAZROOE (UAE)

CEIJYR2* 120km  – BULLIO SOLUTE ridden by Saeed Salem Atiq Khamis ALMUHAIRI (UAE)

Lauren Mills (GBR), second in the CEI 1* 80km and winner of the Best Condition Prize for that class said “ Best Condition is the ultimate prize to win as you know that you are being recognised for taking your horse around the course and looking after it so well during such a competitive ride.  He’s a novice horse and it absolutely tops it off to win this award.  The organisation here is immense, this is the cherry on the cake.”

This was the fifth and final ride in the 2017 Euston Park season – the second season since the rides were reinstated in this stunning venue.  The highlight of the season was the August ride, the HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Endurance Cup Festival  UK Endurance Masters in which there were 356 entries in the FEI rides and 110 entries in the National rides.  Over all of the five rides there were more than 550 starters in the FEI rides, representing more than 35 nations.   

Brigadier Mohammed Essa Al Adhab, General Manager of Dubai Equestrian Club summarised the season by saying “This season was a big leap for Euston Park in its standing in worldwide and particularly European endurance.  The team in place at Euston Park including organisers, officials and facility providers worked in a very professional way throughout the season and particularly for the HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Endurance Cup Festival  UK Endurance Masters in August.  This season has proved that Euston Park is a magnificent venue for endurance and that it will have a very strong future.”

Nick Brooks-Ward, Endurance Director at HPower Group Endurance, said “ This has been a great end to what has proved to be a really successful summer of rides at Euston Park.  We have been delighted with the quality of competition and are very grateful for the support of our sponsors.  I’d like to take the opportunity also to thank our ground staff, officials and stewards who have all pulled together to work as a fantastic team over the summer – they’ve made this a great venue to compete in and we are all looking forward to working together again next year.”