Crew Point GPS and What3Words Locations

Crew Point GPS and What3Words Locations2019-08-07T15:54:00+01:00

To operate, search What3Words on App Store and download app. The following three word codes will take you to a precise 3x3m location. Ensure that you put the dot in between words.

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Crew Point/LocationCo-ordinatesWhat3Words Location
Crew Point 1Latitude 52.404242, Longitude 0.81610735hoped.helps.coasted
Crew Point 2Latitude 52.391773, Longitude 0.84817988units.outcasts.woodstove
Crew Point 3Latitude 52.377825, Longitude 0.86459935necklaces.downturn.panoramic
Crew Point 4Latitude 52.390505, Longitude 0.82849629states.irony.ranged
Crew Point 5Latitude 52.360852, Longitude 0.78014505earmarked.suckle.roosters
Euston Main EntranceLatitude 52.376713, Longitude 0.787612fabricate.severe.entire
Stable GatesLatitude 52.375844, Longitude 0.787141badly.customers.cheered
Organisers OfficeLatitude 52.375773, Longitude 0.793677homeward.conjoured.pimples