Meydan FEI Endurance European Championship – International Competitors’ Info

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International Competitors’ Info

We are proud to be hosting the Meydan FEI Endurance European Championship and look forward to welcoming competitors and their team to our stunning venue.


Further information will be available on the links below as it is announced so please keep coming back to check.  In addition the FEI have produced a Sport Technical Guide which can be accessed here.   This gives full information about the competition.

If you have any other queries please contact us at–skip-themes.

  • It is compulsory that all competitors (or a representative) attend a pre-ride briefing. The weighing will follow the pre-ride briefing.
  • At the pre-ride inspection, please ensure that your horse is sufficiently warmed up before you bring it in for presentation. Any horse not permitting examination or which is found to be dangerous to the examiners will be eliminated.
  • Whips, spurs, French reins and long reins are not permitted.

The ride is a CH-EU-E 160km. The timetable for the event can be seen here.

Details on the rider benefits will be available closer to the event.

Shipping details will be available closer to the event.

Immediately after a horse is passed at the final inspection, and provided the horse has finished within a pre-set time period following the first horse that successfully passed that same inspection, the horse concerned can enter the Best Condition Competition (BC).

The BC competition is an assessment of the condition of the horse post ride and uses the same Veterinary criteria as that used to assess the horse during the ride itself.

Marks are awarded dependant upon the horses post ride condition and marks are also awarded for the performance of the horse relating to time taken to present at each Vet Gate, final position and so on.

All of the marks given or earned are totalled together and the horse with the highest total score wins the Best Condition Competition.

Immédiatement après qu’un cheval ait passé l’inspection finale, et pourvu que ce cheval ait terminé dans un délai prédéfini par le résultat du premier cheval ayant réussi à passer cette même inspection, le cheval concerné peut participer à la Compétition Meilleure Condition.

La Compétition Meilleure Condition est une évaluation de la condition physique du cheval après l’épreuve, qui emploie les mêmes critères vétérinaires que ceux utilisés pour évaluer le cheval pendant l’épreuve elle-même.

Des notes sont attribuées en fonction de la condition physique du cheval après l’épreuve, ainsi qu’en fonction de la performance du cheval relative au temps qu’il a mis pour se présenter au contrôle vétérinaire, de sa place finale, etc.

L’ensemble des notes décernées ou remportées est totalisé, et le cheval dont le score total est le plus élevé gagne la Compétition Meilleure Condition.

Un cavallo può partecipare al premio Best Condition (BC) subito dopo aver superato l’ispezione finale, a patto che abbia terminato la gara entro un periodo di tempo prestabilito rispetto al primo cavallo che ha superato con successo la stessa ispezione.

Il premio BC consiste in una valutazione delle condizioni fisiche del cavallo in seguito alla gara e adotta gli stessi criteri veterinari di quelli utilizzati per valutare il cavallo nel corso della gara.

I punti vengono assegnati in base alle condizioni fisiche del cavallo in seguito alla gara e vengono altresì assegnati per la performance del cavallo relativamente al tempo impiegato per presentarsi ad ogni Vet Gate, posizione finale e così via.

Tutti i punti assegnati o guadagnati vengono sommati e il cavallo con il punteggio totale più alto vince il premio Best Condition.

Inmediatamente después de que un caballo pase la inspección final, y siempre que haya finalizado dentro de un periodo de tiempo prestablecido tras el primer caballo que haya superado con éxito la misma inspección, el caballo en cuestión podrá participar en la competición Best Condition (BC).

La BC consiste en una evaluación del estado del caballo tras la carrera, y utiliza los mismos criterios veterinarios que se emplean para evaluar al caballo durante la carrera misma.

Las calificaciones se otorgan en función del estado del caballo tras la carrera, así como por la actuación del caballo en relación con el tiempo empleado en presentarse en cada reconocimiento veterinario (Vet Gate), la posición final, etc.

Al final, se totalizan todas las calificaciones otorgadas o ganadas y el caballo con la puntuación total más alta gana la competición Best Condition.

Here are all the courses and loops for the H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum UK Endurance Festival. Click on any link to download.

What Loops am I riding?

All Loops
Pink Loop
Blue Loop
Yellow Loop
Red Loop
White Loop

All competitors must enter through their National Federations.

The crew point locations and directions can be downloaded here

You can download the full programme here.

There is a variety of places to stay in Thetford which is 3 miles / 5km away from the Euston Estate. Please see below for a list of places in and around Thetford or to download a more extensive list click here.

Travelodge, IP24 3AF (3.9 miles) Click Here
Premier Inn, IP24 3PG (4.9 miles) Click Here
Bell Hotel, IP24 2AZ (4.0 miles) Click Here
Thomas Paine Hotel, IP24 1AA (4.0 miles) Click Here
Wereham House, IP24 1AD (4.0 miles) Click Here
White Horses, IP24 2EA (3.3 miles) Click Here
Elveden Inn, IP24 3PT (4.6 miles) Click Here
Aqua Sana Spa Suites (Center Parcs), IP24 3TR (7.6 miles) Click Here
Travelodge, IP33 1JZ, (11.0 miles) Click Here
Breckland Lodge Attleborough NR17 1AY, (14.9 miles) Click Here
Hall Farm, Heath Road, Knettishall, IP22 2TQ (3.7 miles)